Friday, June 10, 2011

20/20 on Consumers

Today in class Dr Burton asked each of us to list 20 people we could contact about reading our eBook. Wow! 20? Sometimes I feel that I know a lot of people, but yet I don't. I have friends on Facebook, but are all of them really friends? Most of these people I cannot contact as potential consumers, so I had to think a bit harder. So far my list of consumers include:
  • Heather Wing (BYU professor)
  • Tammy Stephens (English teacher)
  • Toni Birch (English teacher)
  • Julia Rowland (English teacher)
  • Lorraine Kimball (Librarian)
  • Holly Peralta (English teacher)
  • Natalie Thomas (Kindle User)
These are the first few names I've collected. I emailed Tammy Stephens about getting in touch with the other English teachers in my hometown school district. She replied saying:

I never give other people someone's private email without asking them first. When you email me, I will be happy to forward it to the other high school English teachers. Also, would you like me to ask Mrs. Wells, the computer teacher, if a link can go on the school web site? I'll ask Brian, our district tech man, if the link can go on the district site, too. Finally, if you want, let's put an article in the News Examiner. I think it would be neat to highlight you and what you're doing and what this ebook is all about. What do you think?

I love this idea! I come from a small farming community in Idaho, but everybody reads the valley's daily newspaper. In fact, I know that many people outside of my small town subscribes to this paper (to keep in touch with their old hometown, family or friends). This might not be a huge contact like Dr Burton is looking for, but I feel that this would be awesome. Are we planning on doing a short write-up of the gist of the eBook? If so, this would be a great summary for the paper. And I think Mrs Stephens is being so helpful with asking about posting a link on the district website for our eBook. It may be just small town publicity, but I like it!

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