Thursday, June 9, 2011

Consumer: Heather Wing

Duh! I posted about how I learned about the UCET/LA conference in my English teaching class, but I didn't think of promoting there?! Heather Wing is a professor at BYU who heads the 276R course. This course is the introduction class to the English Teaching Major. It is a beastly class. I loved it, but hated it. It is a block class (7 weeks long), only 3 credits and is held Monday through Friday from 7am to 12pm. This doesn't leave a lot of room for other classes or for a job. These are some major negative aspects of this class, but it makes up for it in content. Potential English teachers spend this crash course of 7 weeks learning how to teach, what to teach and where to teach. Professor Wing focuses on a modern movement. She taught us places to look for better ways to teach, but if I had taken this Digital Writing class before my 276R class I would've had a greater knowledge of how to use the internet and digital age to teach. I think we should contact Professor Wing, and see if she is interested in our eBook, because it really would help future students of 276R.

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  1. Good idea, I was also thinking of giving it to the whole English teaching faculty. I was talking to Jon Ostenson about it already, but didn't get into a lot of details. When I read this I was just thinking of submitting it somehow to the website. I imagine they would be interested in our book.