Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We're Published!!!

It is done! We're officially online and published!

Writing About Literature in the Digital Age is completely finished, online and ready to read! This has been by far one of the best assignments I have done at BYU. In fact, it didn't really feel like just an assignment. All semester long it has been our creation-not just another paper to write. We have worked hard and long to ensure that every chapter is relevent and useful to readers. Each of us put in hours of research and writing in order to produce a chapter that would enhance the book. The editing team scrutinized every word of our work, and the design and publishing teams seemed frazzeled as they worked so hard to put everything together, but in the end we pulled off an amazing eBook.

You can download and read the eBook here! Exciting, huh?!
You can also read the book on your Kindle using these directions as to how to download it using your Kindle.
Also, you can read the eBook on Goodreads here!

Happy Reading : )

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