Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Bookmark From Our Dear Friend Weiye Loh

Back in May an email came to me from our class Diigo site. I opened it, and read that it was bookmarked by Weiye Loh....what? Who is this? I felt like a social hermit for a minute! I have been in the class for a month, and this is the first time I have heard this name! I tried to think of who this could be. I ran through the class layout of how we all usually sit, and for the life of me could not think who this was. I was relieved to hear Dr Burton ask the class if we had noticed this person bookmarking, and that he was not even in the class! Phew, that cleared up my curiosity of who Mr Loh was! The other day another bookmark came in from this mystery man, and I actually enjoyed his mark. It was an article reporting how there will be one paper format of every online book created, saved and stored for physical records. There are some obvious flaws to this system as Bri points out in her comment, but if this article is true, we will be published online as well as in paper and stored in the archives of online literature.

Thanks, Mr Weiye Loh-whoever you are....

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