Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Many Forms of Charlotte

As encouraged by Dr Burton, I am experiencing Charlotte's Web in multiple ways. Tonight I am looking into different mediums of the famous children's story. When I got home from class today I had a package from Amazon with the 2006 video version of Charlotte's Web starring Dakota Fanning as Fern. One of the many reasons why I love this class is that for my homework tonight I am not stressing out over math problems or memorizing chemistry formulas; I am watching a movie. As the movie plays I am comparing it to the text and picking out the differences. In the beginning I was picking out line differences. This wasn't in the book, or that was left out of the movie ect ect. But then I began to look past those differences and recognize how they are consumed differently. The movie is hilarious. To some it may not be funny, but to me I find it fascinating at how the producers of this movie personified animals. The sheep stand in groups and follow each other nowhere; the cows stand and observe and make snide comments, and the horse is apart of the barn, yet superior to the other animals. The producers nailed this! The personalities of each animal is exactly what you would expect them to be in real life. The text does this to an extent, but watching the animals talk to each other makes the experience so much more colorful.

As I am curled up on the couch watching this video, I picked up the Kindle my sister gave me and searched for what means Charlotte's Web is available in this format. To my surprise, it isn't available! There is an audio version of the text (read by the author), and there are several books on the author, E.B. White, but the actual text is not available through Kindle. Ha, this proves my point that the hard copy formats books are better than electronic formats!

Mrs. Arable: Do you think animals can
Doctor: I don't know. Maybe an animal said something to me and I didn't hear it. Maybe children are better listeners.

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  1. Is that Dakota Fanning? I had no idea that they made another version of Charlotte's Web. It is amazing how many times we produce and reproduce material. I think one of those reasons that media reproduces old things is because it is a different way of consume said material. If Charlotte's Web only remained in book form think of all the different views and insights we would have missed. Even though it is not on the kindle, yet, we still can enjoy multiple movies and audio formats, each bringing something else to our little head abou this book.