Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Failure Is an Option

Right now Dr Burton is talking about how to experience literature creatively. He gave the example of paper mache sculptures of church presidents. This may or may not have been successful. He encouraged us to experiment and don't worry if it fails! He said, "Failures are not failures if you can contextualize and talk about them." I love this. Maybe because it lets me justify the class I failed last semester. I learned a lot from the class, but I did indeed fail :) So, to my mother, I didn't fail! It's okay, because I can talk about how I failed, and how I learned humility and writing all in the same course.

But I have an experiment in mind to experience Charlotte's Web. In the book Wilbur is given a buttermilk bath. And just to keep you all interested, a video will be posted in the future of this very process. My brother is against it, but he is only 12, preteen and still 1 inch shorter than me, so he will help me whether he wants to or not!

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  1. does the pig bath have to be buttermilk? maybe a plain milk bath would be cheaper!