Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Exploring JSTOR to Find Connections Between E.B. White's Characters

1) Exploring JSTOR to find connections between EB White's characters.

2) My purpose in exploring JSTOR, a research database, is to discover material on Charlotte's Web that sets a foundation for my research about how the relationships developed in the story are similar to interactions found in the public education system.

3) JSTOR is a private research data base that focuses on humanities, social sciences and recently added science titles to its library. These information available focuses on these specific areas, and date back as far as the 19th century!

4) I searched JSTOR's database for all articles dealing with Charlotte's Web. At first I wasn't worried that my search would turn up too many articles, because I didn't believe there would be a surplus of information on E.B. White's story. The search results proved me wrong with 811 results. Of course, not all of the results are useful to me, but I did find a title that caught my eye about what makes Charlotte's Web a good book to begin with. I opened it up, and was pleasantly surprised by usefulness of this article to my research.

5) Neumeyer, Peter. "What Makes a Good Children's Book? The Texture of Charlotte's Web." South Atlantic Bulletin, 44.2 (1979): 66-75. Web.

6) Neumeyer's article explored how White's use of diction and syntax adds a deeper meaning to his writing via the character's names, language and sentence length and structure.

7) This article explained that the character's dispositions were enhanced by the way White crafted his words. This goes into a deeper theory that those possessing wise, creative or negative dispositions may, in reality, act and say exactly what White wrote his characters to do or say.

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