Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beginning, Middle and End

The Beginning: Creating an eBook

First, what the heck is an eBook?
When this idea first started floating around in class I was slightly confused as to what exactly an "eBook" was! I could assume from the preceeding 'e' that it was in technology family of iPod and iPad. So...it was an online book? Well, that is actually pretty accurate. An eBook is an organized piece that can be published online and ready for download through several venues such as Kindles, iPads, iPhones, computers and Nooks. Ew. If you've been reading my blog from the beginning then you know that I am not the biggest fan of online literature or technology ruling the world. However, as the class brainstormed topics, formats, covers, designs and a many other aspects of an eBook I became increasingly excited to be apart of an eBook.

The Middle: Writing, Editing and Design

This was by far my favorite part of the the process. I enjoy writing, so producing a first draft that wasn't hastily self-edited and turned into the professor the next morning was a refreshing change. I had direct feedback from Dr Burton, two class members on two separate occasions and from a complete editing team. This was the fun part. I felt that my chapter made it through editing in pretty good shape. I discovered the program of Track Changes in Microsoft Word, which thrilled me (that might be a sign of a nerd if an editing program "thills" you). I've used the comments tool to edit before, but through the editing process I learned how you can accept and decline the changes, which makes applying editing changes so much easier!
Design took over from there, and I know they worked hard to get the eBook together. I feel empathy for them. I've had to use Indesign a couple times at work, and I know that I threw a couple good temper tantrums, swore a bit and even just cancelled out of the project and started over. So a big thanks goes out to the editing and design team for pulling this eBook through!

The End: Marketing

This is where the whole class really had to pitch in. What use is an online eBook if nobody knows about it? I was on the educational team with Amy and Ashley. Throughout the semester our research seemed to shift towards an educational aspect of writing in the digital era. We are all teaching majors, so everything we would learn and research had a "Where would I use this in a classroom" question attached to it. Now that we are at the marketing point in our eBook, the education part has time to shine. We have been asked to personally contact 20 people about the eBook, and as I was seeking out my 20 people I really wanted to make sure most of them had some sort of connection to teaching, whether they be a teacher or heavily involved in the education process. I sent out emails to many current teachers and school board members tonight, and I know that my fellow team members also focused on teaching in the marketing process. Hopefully, between the three of us specifically focusing on education, our eBook will find its way into a classroom or two and make itself useful to students all over.

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