Saturday, May 21, 2011


Dr Burton lectured us on Friday about stepping up the academic quality of our posts, and focusing our research and ideas into a topic of study. It has only been 24 hours since that lecture, and I am already breaking the rules.

This weekend I drove to my sister's house up in Wyoming to meet my newest baby niece, Dafne. As I was sitting on the couch holding her, a commercial interrupted my peaceful moment. The commercial was advertising for a brand of birth control. I am not anti-birth control by any means, but I was a little shocked by this commercial. I feel that it goes against the sacred nature of family. The commercial depicts women 'shopping' for their lives, but they blatantly overlook the husbands and boldly turn down the children. They pick up degrees, extravagant vacations and the perfect houses, all of which are good, but I do not believe family should be turned down in pursuit of other goals and accomplishments.

As I held this week old baby, I was so mad about the negative message that was being broadcast throughout homes all over the nation. I turned to my mother and said how horrible this was, but I want my opinion heard louder that I think this is a terrible message and use of modern technology.

Here is the link to the commercial if you would like to see why I was so upset: Beyaz Birth Control

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  1. I agree Carlie! I have seen that one and had similar thoughts. Te one that I hate the most though is for one of those "day after" pills, which by themselves are stomach churning to me. But this one took it one step further and was named "Plan B". That makes me sick. That the whole idea is taken so lightly, like "oh don't worry that you made a stupid choice last night, there's always a plan B!" I am not naive, I realize there are some scary situations that I'd rather not go into on here, but the way the commercial was portraying the pill made me irate! Sorry, tangent...

    Ps I WILL make it back to comment on the calf bottle post. I'm still too annoyed that it got deleted though. :)